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About Us

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Thank you for visiting the webpage for KMX Homebuyers, LLC.

Who Are We?

We are a family group of real estate investors in Virginia.  We specialize in solving problems for people that are in a position of discomfort.  We have been investing in Real Estate since 2014.  

Kyle works full time for a Fire Department in the Northern Virginia area.  He has a desire to solve problems, overcome challenges, and help people which comes instinctively from dedicating his life to the service of others.  Since 1997 he has been in the Fire Department, starting in the volunteer service until he was offered his dream job as a career firefighter in 2004.  He can be followed on his social media accounts at the REI Fireman.

Kristina is the Finance Director.  She has worked in the financial industry since 2008 working as a Property Controller of a large hotel chain in the Richmond, VA area.  She now works for a large corporate bank.  Kristina manages finances for all of the KMX Enterprise businesses.  She also provides financial coaching through her personal business where she helps people understand, prioritize, and pay off bills and reducing debt.  She holds people accountable to their goals and provides support to get them to the financial finish line!

Kaylee is the Marketing Director and provides social media updates and website management.  She is a recent graduate of Mechanicsville High School.  She works full-time for a real estate title and settlement agency in the Richmond, VA area.  She also provides social media marketing and website development and management through her personal business, Kay Marketing, LLC.  Kaylee is also an investor in real estate properties.

Kaleb is the Logistics Coordinator.  He is currently completing his High School career at Mechanicsville High School.  Kaleb provides coordination for demo work, and delivery of materials and supplies for rehab properties that are acquired.  Kaleb is also an active real estate investor even at his young age.

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